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Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake Bass
A dandy Roosevelt Lake bass.

Located in Central Arizona at the convergence of the Salt River and Tonto Creek, Roosevelt Lake is the head lake in a chain of 4 lakes. These lakes provide water to the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is accessed via State Highway 188 northeast from Globe and Miami AZ. The lake is over 22,000 surface acres when full and is 23 miles long. Numerous campgrounds with boat launch facilities are located along the southwestern shore of the lake. Windy Hill, Schoolhouse Point, Grapevine, Cholla, Porter Springs and Horse Pasture are the primary areas with facilities.
Bass Fishing at Roosevelt Lake.

Bass & Crappie Fishing

Historically, Roosevelt Lake has been known as a bass factory. An excellent population of largemouth bass has filled many a stringer for decades. The lake has ideal cover and forage to grow and maintain this bass haven. Bass over 10 pounds are not uncommon, but the real attraction is the large quantities of bass available to anglers of all skill levels. The lake also sports a population of smallmouth bass which can add extra rewards to a day of bass fishing at Roosevelt Lake.

Roosevelt Lake Bass

Boating at Roosevelt lake is the best way to reach some of the best fishing areas. This bass was caught in the Windy Hill area. However, plenty of species are caught from shore. See the 13-pound bass caught from a dock at the Roosevelt Marina. Campgrounds and areas to fish from shore are scattered around the lake. A Tonto pass is required for day use at all camp areas and boat launches. The Spring Creek Motel offers convenient lodging accommodations and is walking distance from the Spring Creek Store and Boston's Bar & Grill.

Roosevelt Lake Map

Other fishing in Roosevelt Lake

Crappie, catfish, bluegill and sunfish also populate Lake Roosevelt. Because Tonto creek, a trout stream, feeds into Roosevelt, trout are occasionally caught by anglers fishing for other species.

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Roosevelt Lake in central Arizona offers great bass and crappie fishing plus boat rentals.

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