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Washington Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing in Washington

Walleye Fishing Lakes In Washington

Banks Lake, East Rapids Lake, Franklin D Roosevelt Lake, Lake Bryan, Lake Crescent, Lake Umatilla (John Day), Lake Wallula (McNary), Moses Lake, Potholes Reservoir, Spirit Lake and Wanapum Lake are some of the major lakes in Washington with healthy populations of walleye. Some rivers, especially those running into and out of major lakes with walleye, are also possibilities for walleye. The Washington state record walleye was caught from the Columbia River - John Day pool.

Stizostedion vitreum

Washington walleye spawn in spring and when they have the option will choose to migrate from the lake up into feeder streams to spawn. If this option is not available they seek out shallow bars or shoals with clean bottom surfaces near deep water.

Toothy walleye eat anything they can catch

Fish for Washington walleye with live bait, crankbaits, spoons, small spinner baits as well as plastic worms and grubs.

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The purpose of the page is to provide specific information about fishing for walleye in Washington. Find information on basic trends and seasonal patterns of walleye here in the state of Washington. Look here for tips, recommended tackle, techniques and more. We want to help you make your walleye fishing trips in WA more successful.

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Walleye Picture
World Record Walleye

25 lbs - 0 oz

Washington State Record Walleye

18 lbs - 14 oz

Preferred Water Temperature

38 - 60 Degrees

Preferred Habitat

Prefers slightly stained to murky water with little or no current.

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