West Virginia Trout Fishing For Rainbow, Brown & Brook Trout - Fly Fishing & Other Techniques for Catching Big Trout in WV.
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West Virginia Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing in West Virginia

The 5 primary trouts are the rainbow, brook, brown, cutthroat and lake trout. Brown trout are considered the most difficult to catch and brookies are the easiest. Pure cold water is key to survival of the trouts and the brook trout is the most sensitive to temperature. The others are comfortable in slightly warmer waters.

Trout Fishing Lakes In West Virginia

One area in West Virginia with a significant popullation of trout is the tailwaters of Summerville Lake. Other smaller lakes, ponds, park and rivers may have trout - typically a result of trout stocking programs. Visit the West Virginia West Virginia Division of Natural Resources website for information regarding trout stocking programs in West Virginia.

The West Virginia state record brook trout came out of the Cheat River and South Branch produced the WV state record brown trout. The state record golden trout was pulled from Brushy Fork Lake and the WV state record rainbow trout was served up by Stonecoal Lake. The West Virginia tiger trout was caught from the Greenbrier River.

Rainbow Trout
Oncorhynchus mykiss

Fishing For Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout
Salvelinus fontinalis

Fishing For Brook Trout

Brown Trout
Salmo trutta

Fishing For Brown Trout

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Cutthroat Trout Conservation
DMOZ Trout Section

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All About Fishing for Trout in West Virginia.



Rainbow Trout Picture
World Record Rainbow Trout

42 lbs - 2 oz

West Virginia State Record Rainbow Trout

11 lbs - 12 oz

Preferred Water Temperature

52 - 68 Degrees

Preferred Habitat

Prefers generally clear flowing waters with turbulence for oxygenation over gravel, rock or sandy bottoms.


Brook Trout Picture
World Record Brook Trout

14 lbs - 8 oz

West Virginia State Record Brook Trout

7 lbs - 6 oz

Preferred Water Temperature

52 to 64 Degrees

Preferred Habitat

Prefers clear cold water with moderate current over gravel, rocks or sand.


Brown Trout Picture
World Record Brown Trout

41 lbs - 7 oz

West Virginia State Record Brown Trout

16 lbs - 0 oz

Preferred Water Temperature

56 - 64 Degrees

Preferred Habitat

Prefers slightly stained cool water with minimum current over rock or sandy bottoms with heavy cover.

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