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The Evolution of Swimbaits

By Dale Meddock


Today there are more choices than ever. Sometimes it is just to much to understand all of the different styles to choose from. I will try to help those understand how swimbaits have evolved. First off, I would like to say some of those swimbaits costing hundreds of dollars are real beauties and well worth the expense. Most anglers just do not want to lose one at this price.

Plastic Swimbaits

So let us start with the plastic swimbaits, they range in size from 4” up to 12”. Now with all the hand poured molds around, you can get just about any color combo. Also the new injected molded swimbaits are a work of art. Most of the swim baits have the standard boot type of paddle tail and this is one of the best. But with all of the new generations of swimbaits coming out, these tails have really taken on a new look. The newest being this huge chunk of plastic that looks and paddles just like the real thing. Now there are several manufacturers that have keyed on this design and all work extremely well. But the original made by Huddleston Deluxe is just the cats meow. You just see how all things evolve.

New Generation Swimbaits

Now there is a new generation of swim bait coming out soon. I am happy to say this is not a copy nor does it look like anything you have ever seen. This Next Generation of swimbait is called the D&M Deluxe Swimbait. It has features that every fisherman will just love at a price tag that will not break the bank. The first model to come out of our injection molds will be the V 5 series, with the V 8 series to follow.

V 5 Takedown Minnow

Let`s talk about the V 5 Takedown Minnow. It will be almost 5” long weighing less than 1 oz. Designed with internal weight and exposed hook. Bottom ring in belly will allow you to add a stringer treble hook for those times when a little extra bite are needed. One of the advantages of the Takedown Minnow, you just don`t have to do anything to get bites. This Takedown Minnow has its own swimming action. If you cast it out in deep water it will just start swimming on the fall. The V 5 has a large silhouette and profile of Baby Bass or Shad which appeals to so many fish. It has a lot of body movement and tail action. There are several ways to fish it.

Fishing A Swimbait

First lets start with free fall, cast it out and just let it drift toward the bottom with its unique paddle tail it will just start swimming on its own. Now if you want to give it some action, you can try the twitch and pause method. Slow rolling near the surface or allowing it to sink to the desired depth will work to. If you allow it free fall the huge paddle tail just pumps out pressure waves, this easy meal is just to much for the bass to pass up. Rate of fall is 1 foot per second.

V 8 Trout Series

The V 8 series is a Rainbow Trout body style. We call it D&M Deluxe Rainbow Trout, it will be a real widow maker. Several color patterns will be made, Super Shad, Stocker Trout, Clearlake Hitch and Rainbow Trout will be the first ones to come out of our injection molds. This 8” deluxe swimbait will have internal weight with exposed hook along with two rings for adding stinger treble hooks. The paddle tail is huge, giving this swim bait a unique swimming action on the fall. When you start this swimbait in motion every bass will know its coming. The pressure waves from this tail are awesome and powerful. But that is not what makes this swimbait so awesome. The balance of this swimbait is just unmatched. By changing the treble hooks in size, you can adjust the way this swimbait falls. Giving it almost a perfect balance. This is when it will really shine after locating fish on your graph, get right over the top drop your swim bait down. Your swim bait will hang in perfect balance, just like your drop shot method. Now this does not mean you should give up your chuck and wind method. This just increases the way you can swimbait your way through the giants just waiting out there. Coming soon to a store near you, D&M Deluxe Swimbaits.