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Crappie Fishing Article

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Spinnerbaits Take BIG Crappie

By Jim Comer

Live minnows and jigs are far and away the most popular enticements for crappie. It's a rare occasion when you'll see a died-in-the-wool crappier using a bait or lure other than these. Crappie fishermen are inclined to stick with the tried-and-true. And when it comes to crappie catchers, there's nothing as tried-and-true as jigs and minnows. I'd be the last one to suggest you quit fishing with jigs and minnows.

But if you're innovative and experimental, if you like to try new tackle and tactics that produce big slabs, allow me to suggest you try spinnerbaits for crappie. When properly presented, spinners are irresistible to these feisty panfish. Tie one on and you'll not only spice up your fishing fun, chances are you'll catch more and bigger crappie.

Many times I've been caught unaware when a crappie launched a surprise attack on a spinnerbait, and in recent years, I've met several anglers who tie on spinnerbaits specifically for big crappie in downed timber and flooded brush. Today, spinners are a regular part of my own crappie fishing arsenal. I especially like using them during the pre-spawn and spawning periods when male crappie are migrating from deep to shallow water. These fish are very aggressive and will attack almost anything that's flashy at that time. Spinnerbaits seem to grab their attention, especially in turbid water created by late-winter/early-spring run-off and rain.