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Winter Fly Fishing Arkansas River Tailwater in Pueblo, Colorado

By Ron Van Valkenburg

The winter fly fishing in Pueblo has been terrific. There is about 6 miles of fishable tail water below the Pueblo dam. Until the early spring of 2005 most of this was flat water and held mostly stockers and some resident large browns.The cfs of the water ranged from 1300 in the summer to about 75 There was a fish habitat installed consisting of rock formations and weirs.They add oxygen to the water which helps both plant life and insect population.They also have kept the water from scouring the bottom during high flows.

This keeps the insect population up as well as gives the fish cover from the high current. The holdover fish population is up and since October of 2006 we have been landing many fish in the 17 to 22 inch range as well as many fish in the 10 to 13 inch range. We have seen some in the 28 inch range however not many.

The fish have been aggressive with the normal tail water bugs but have also been taken on caddis pupa, aquatic moth pupa etc. We usually have a dry fly hatch all winter and can fish drys at least a couple of hours all day. There are several access points on the river and it isn't crowded. We feel that with Pueblo being the banana belt of Colorado and usually having a high temperature of 7 to 8 degrees warmer than Denver it is a comfortable place to fish even in January and February.

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