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Georgia Fishing Magazines

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Publications and magazines about fishing in GA

Fishing magazines

These fishing magazines and related publications are either headquartered in Georgia or regularly publish articles about fishing within the state. Find information to help you become a better angler by learning more about fishing in GA.

Publications and magazines about fishing in GA.

Georgia Regulatory Agency Publications

GA Fishing Regulations and Newsletters

Georgia Fishing Magazines & Fishing Club Publications

Game & Fish Magazine - Georgia

Georgia Youth Fishing Information

Kids Fishing, Georgia DNR - Wildlife Resources Division

Get Kids Hooked, Georgia Sport Fishing Regulations
Kids Fishing Events. An easy way to get kids hooked is by going to a kids fishing event.

Visit our kids fishing section. We offer information about introducing kids to fishing and urban fishing locations in Georgia. We also offer a place to post kids fishing photos.

Magazines about fishing in Georgia include stories about local lakes and rivers, popular species found in Georgia, and information about area fishing tournaments and contests.

Also see general fishing magazines.

Fishing magazines, by state.


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Publications about fishing in Georgia.