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Minnesota Fishing Article

Snagging Your Lures

By David Gilbert

I know first hand how much it costs to snag lures yet still I snag them time and time again. So why is it that I keep tossing my expensive lures toward the same snags time and time again? The reason is simple, those snags hold big fish and big fish is what makes me tick.

So what if you lose fifty dollars of lures casting into structure. If you don't cast into the structure you aren't going to be as successful as you can be. Over the years I learned that avoiding these problem spots means avoiding a lot of large fish. I don't know about you but I am all about catching the big ones, They are the reason that I love the sport so much.

Growing up in the land of ten thousand lakes I was blessed with many lakes abundant with fish within a bicycle ride distance from my home. I would cut grass in the summer, rake leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter just so I could afford restocking my tackle box with my favorite lures. It is very unusual for me to have the same lure more than one summer because I sacrifice my lures to catch big fish. That is why you buy them anyhow right? To catch big fish.

When you get frustrated because your lure is at the bottom of the lake stuck on a snag and your line just broke tie another one on and cast it right back to that snag. Believe me when I say this, there is fish near that snag. For the underwater structure I always lose my lures on I like to bounce my seven dollar titanium spinners off of it. Doing this causes the lure to change action and many times triggers fish to bite. Spinner baits are not that easy to snag, although I managed to loose six of them this month.

I love to drag my crank baits right over the top of snags as well, It is very effective for catching fish but also very effective for losing lures. If you cannot afford losing all your lures every time you go fishing like I do there are some things you can do to keep lure loss at a minimum. Top water bates are great for keeping your lures while going right over the structure. I caught several fish today using a buzz bait and a jitter bug.

Using top water baits can be very exciting, you get to see those big fish aggressively attack your lure on the surface. That is a shot of adrenalin every time!, While using top water baits you tend to miss more fish than you typically would using lures that travel below the surface. One way to resolve this problem is to use a very heavy line that doesn't stretch. Picking a good real is important for setting the hook as well. I make sure when buying a fishing real that the crank dose not budge backing up unless reverse is switched on.

Happy Fishing from your pal,
David Gilbert, professional fisherman

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