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Terminator Titanium Fishing Lures

Fish Are Evolving So Should Your Lures.

By David Gilbert

Recently, I wasn't able to catch fish on the lures I used to have success with. For a while I was alarmed thinking that my favorite fishing spots had a rapid decline in fish population. Also, it seemed that the size of fish present were much smaller. The same lures I used fifteen years ago in the same lakes fishing for the same fish during the same time of year and the same time of day are ineffective for catching fish. I used these lures previously in the exact same conditions to produce a lot of quality fish. I did what any good fisherman would do, I changed my presentation. I didn't just change to some of the other lures that worked fifteen years ago and stop there, I tried lures that were entirely different than the lures I used to use. After trying some new lures on the market with success I think that fish have evolved. Turns out that the fish population was just as good and the size seems even better, the fish just wised up.

Terminator Lure
© Terminator Lures.

I tried many plastic baits and crank baits, but the one I came across that took me back fifteen years was the Terminator titanium spinner bait. I couldn't believe the results! Years ago I tried a lot of different spinners with no success whatsoever, but I was willing to try the new spinners. I went through my entire tackle box, valued at the down payment on a car, trying to catch fish. The terminator proved its weight in gold, from it's solid durability to it's remarkable snag-free retrieval, this is the new lure I'll use to catch massive bass. I have the pictures to prove it! The pictures landed me a spot on Channel 5 News in Minnesota.

Next time you walk through the sporting goods section at your local Wal-Mart store grab a few of these remarkable spinners. When you get to the lake, cast this spinner right into the structure bouncing it off snags, rocks, and weeds upon retrieval. If you don't get any bass it's time to go to a different lake. I just saved you a lot of lure switching and shopping, let this be the first lure you try and I am willing to bet it will be the last lure you try for big bass! Thanks Terminator! Your lures are making me famous!

David Gilbert, professional fisherman

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