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New Hampshire Fishing Photos

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New Hampshire Pickerel
Richard Grenier

Bass fishing turns Pickerel

It's amazing when, just as your lure hits the water and just after closing your bail, your rod almost gets pulled out of your hand and the line just starts zipping out of your reel.

I was fishing Lake Conway, in Conway New Hampshire on the first week of June 2006, for large and smallmouth Bass. It was Sunday Morning around 9:00am when this monster Pickerel slammed my line. I was fishing for bass, but as usual the Pickerel steel your bait and hook several times a trip. This one ended up with the hook stuck in the corner of his mouth. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bite thru the line. This fish went a long way to proving to my friends that not all of my fish stories are made up. I was using 12lb test, with a 5" Senko on a round #1 "Octopus" hook. The Pickerel measured 6lbs even and it was 28.5" long.

New Hampshire Fishing Articles

Fishing The Contoocook River
By Jim Robinson

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