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New York Fishing Article

It's Salmon Time

By Shane Thomas

Guess what everybody-It's summer and that means it's salmon time!! It's time for the salmon to start coming this way- Eastern Lake Ontario is the main attraction for many anglers in the Northeast. As of this time the charter boats are already catching plenty of BIG salmon all over Lake Ontario.

Salmon are feeding actively right now but it won't be long before they start their spawning migration. Once this happens they don't feed at all but can still be aggressive toward baits. Why? you might ask. Well they have been feeding all their lives and are aggressive by nature. As the begin to stage the digestive system will shrink up starting with their throats and working back to the stomach. The fish will live off fat reserves it has been building up just for this occasion. About mid August the fish will really start to get revved up and move closer to their natal streams. That is the streams they were actually spawned in. Within a month the BIG run will start up the river. That will continue for 6 weeks about the end of October. October is actually the best time to fish the Salmon River or any of the larger tributaries that flow into lake Ontario. It's when most of the actual spawning take place. The salmon will be more protective of their bed (reds) and will strike with vengeance!

Don't get me wrong, you'll need finesse in your presentation to get hits. These fish aren't push-over by any means, they got big for a reason.

To me the best part of salmon season is the end. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense because I do love salmon fishing. BUT the only thing I love more then salmon fishing is steelhead fishing! As the salmon lay their eggs the steelheads come in to feed on them. As the salmon runs peter out the steelheads will take over. They run from late fall all the way through spring.

But that's the next article...

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Article about fishing for salmon in New York.