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Oregon Kids Fishing Photos

Youth, fish and smiles in OR.

Taking kids fishing

There is nothing better than the smile on a kid while they are holding up their prize catch. We encourage you to take a kid fishing in Oregon. Take a picture of their catch and let us post it here. They don't have to be trophy fish, trophy smiles are what it's all about.

See ideas for taking kids fishing on nearby, local waters.

Youngsters with their prized catch

My son Dawson Howard and myself, Todd Howard, were fishing on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Saturday, June 17,2006 when I heard the bell ring on Dawson's pole. I ran over & set the hook, handed the pole to Dawson who is 7 hears old. Dawson started reeling & the fight was on. The Chinook salmon headed down river stripping line. I asked another fisherman to free spool my pole as the salmon was heading right toward my line. The other fisherman confirmed the two lines were tangled. Dawson reeled for about 10 minutes with my hand supporting his pole, when he said, "Daddy my arms hurt." I took over & told my son when he was ready to reel again to let me know. Two minutes later he was ready to go. Dawson fought it for about another 10 minutes then said, "Daddy, I'm done". Dawson almost had it all the way in. Within a few minutes we had it netted & on the beach. This Chinook salmon weighed in at 35 pounds, which is about 20 pounds less than my son weighs. Dawson showed his daddy how it's done and I am extremely proud of my son.

Brown Trout

Eli Rome, age 7 of Mulino, Or with his awesome brown trout. He caught the trout while fishing with his dad, grandfather and best buddy Hayden at Suttle Lake near Sisters, Oregon August 9th, 2008. They were using Rapala's!

Oregon Salmon

Brendan Foster with his 18-pound Salmon. Caught on Fathers day, 2012, using a quick fish bait at St. Helens, Columbia River.

Take a kid fishing and bring your camera! These are a few of the places to take them fishing and get some great pictures.

Consider these small lakes, ponds, creeks and urban fishing locations as places to take a kid fishing in Oregon.

- Alton Baker Park
- Armitage Park
- Blue River Lake
- Delta Ponds Park
- Fern Ridge Lake
- Hills Creek Reservoir
- Mercer Lake
- Siltcoos Lake

- Tahkenitch Lake

- Beulah Reservoir

Lincoln City
- Regatta Park
- Taft Waterfront Park

- Rooster Rock State Park
- Eastbank Esplanade Park
- Milo McIver State Park
- Sellwood Riverfront Park
- Willamette Park

- Cascade Gateway Park
- Mary S. Young State Park
- Minto Brown Park

Kids fishing photos, by state.


Post OR, kids fishing pictures.

If you have photos of proud kids and their prized fish they caught in Oregon, please submit them for posting here.

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Youth fishing pictures in Oregon.