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Pennsylvania Kids Fishing Photos

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Youth, fish and smiles in PA.

Taking kids fishing

There is nothing better than the smile on a kid while they are holding up their prize catch. We encourage you to take a kid fishing in Pennsylvania. Take a picture of their catch and let us post it here. They don't have to be trophy fish, trophy smiles are what it's all about.

See ideas for taking kids fishing on nearby, local waters.

Youngsters with their prized catch

Ainsley Baird with her first fish

Ainsley Baird - age 3 of Robinson, Pennsylvania with her first fish.

Colin Boyer with a PA bass and trout
Two-year old Colin Boyer shows off his first bass and his first trout!

Lauren with her first fish

Lauren Pelkofer with her first fish.

Elizabeth Knoll, eight years old caught this 5 lbs 8 oz bass while fishing with her buddy and Grandfather "Gramps" on Boulder Lake, PA. The bait and technique is a sworn secrete between her and Gramps. It was released to fight another day.

Jon Michael's Palamino (Golden) Trout

Jon Michael Williams, age 7, shows off one of 3 palomino (or golden) trout he has landed in his short fishing career.

PA Trout

Jon Michael Williams, now age 8, with another nice fish.

Five-year old John Michael Williams with a nice stringer of trout. Thanks to his dad John for taking him fishing. Many thanks to Pennsylvania for creating a beautiful fishing spot for children and the handicapped at Deer Creek in Pulsaki Township.

Take a kid fishing and bring your camera! These are a few of the places to take them fishing and get some great pictures.

- Ridley Creek State Park

- Chautauqua Park
- Fairview Gravel Pits
- Four Mile Creek
- Holland Street Pier
- Lawrence Park
- Presque Isle State Park
- West Canal Basin

- Fords Lake
- Lackawanna State Park

- Conewago Creek
- Speedwell Forge Lake

- Tamarack Lake

Mt Pleasant
- Blue Marsh Lake

- High Point Reservoir

- Frances Slocum State Park
- Harvey's Lake
- Susquehanna River

- Fairmount Park
- Fairmont Park

Kids fishing photos, by state.


Post PA, kids fishing pictures.

If you have photos of proud kids and their prized fish they caught in Pennsylvania, please submit them for posting here.

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Youth fishing pictures in Pennsylvania.