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South Dakota Fishing Article

Wintertime Cats

By Lenard Murraine

Catfish are basically warm weather feeders but they will also feed in cold weather, and not everybody knows that little fact. Judging from the lack of catfishing activity across the nation during the cold months. That's one of the things that make this little-known activity so enticing.

No matter where you live in the United States. You are within driving range of good winter catfish water. Big lakes will hold good catfish populations, as do rivers both large and small, and there's usually enough open water to find the fish.

Blue and channel catfish are the most active feeders during winter flatheads are much less active and get lethargic at water temperatures below about 45 degrees. Below 40 degrees flatheads are almost impossible unless fishing right on top of them and very slowly at that, so you better of to forget about flatheads altogether. But even in extremely frigid water temperatures you can still catch some channels. The biggest thing to remember about winter time and catfish is the pace is much slower so don't expect the hammering pace of summer be patient and wait.

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Article about fishing for catfish in South Dakota.