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Striped Bass Fishing Videos

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Striped bass, commonly known as stripers are native to the ocean and spawn in freshwater rivers that drain into the ocean. Because stripers can survive in fresh water, they have been planted in many lakes and rivers all across the country. Enjoy these striper fishing videos of fish catching action, tips, techniques, lures, bait and more.

Featured Striper Fishing Videos

Swimbaits for catching huge stripers on the California Delta.

This striper fishing video shows some great striped bass fishing on California's Delta. See big stripers caught on topwater lures for the ultimate excitement in striper fishing.

Below this video, there's a complete listing of other striper fishing videos you might enjoy. Visit often as we are continually adding new videos to help you catch more striped bass. Also listed are videos for other fishing interest.

Striped Bass Fishing Videos

Select from this list of striper fishing videos offering instruction, tips, techniques and ideas to help you catch more striped bass. Included also are some humorous striped bass fishing videos just for the fun of it.

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