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Take The Time To Take Kids Fishing

By JC Crawford

Our kids today are inundated with constant stimulus, whether it is from their video games, television shows or even the internet. They live in a world that is so much more fast-paced than the one in which we grew up in. Very few children have the outdoor experiences that we enjoyed at their age. Outdoor activities allow for our children to not only learn about the environment, but also to build those small, yet persistent memories that we all hold in our hearts.

It is important to take children fishing. Not only will you be spending time with them, and teaching them something that they can’t experience on a PS2 or online, but you will also allow them to see that the instant gratification of microwaves and fast food windows aren’t available on the water’s edge.

Children are never too young to experience the parks and wildlife areas that are now available. Many parents forget the joy that they felt when they finally saw that little red and white bobber go down (and stay down!) for the first time. The feeling of that panfish or catfish tugging on the other end of the line sends waves of excitement through even the most accomplished fisherman. By teaching our children about the lakes and streams in our communities and the fish and other wildlife that live there, we will not only instill in them the seeds that will lead to continued conservation, but also those very same memories that we have of sitting on the edge of a dock with a parent or grandparent explaining how to tie a hook onto the line so that no fish could ever break free.

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Our children are our legacy and our parks and wildlife areas are the legacies of thousands of hunters, fisherman and conversationalist alike. We owe it to our children to take the time to encourage their interest in fishing and the outdoors in general. Take pictures, bring a picnic basket, anything to enhance the experience. We sometimes forget how much fun we had just doing the little things in life. Children don’t need the most expensive bait caster or the newest plastic worm or spinner bait in order to have fun and learn. The simpler the experience is the better; spending time with our children is an investment. It doesn’t pay off in dollars and cents; it allows all of our efforts chasing those “adult” things to finally pay off.

Take your child fishing this year. The weather is cooling off and the world is starting to slow down a bit. Instill in your child the same respect for the lakes and rivers that you have. It will mean something to them to learn from you instead of MTV or Sponge Bob Square Pants. Even if you’ve never fished before and have none of the nostalgic memories that many of us have; a cane pole, 10 feet of line, a hook and a can of worms will open up a whole new world to both you and your child. It’s not about the fish that you catch, it’s about the time that you spend together. Fishing will not only bring you closer to your children, it will bring them closer to the conservation that is so vital to ensuring the continued success of all our outdoor activities.

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Article about taking kids fishing in Tennessee.