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The Fish
Bass   BASS Take an in-depth look
at Largemouth and Small Mouth Bass. Learn the tips & secrets
for fantastic Bass fishing.
Trout   TROUT Step into the world
of these wise fish and see why
they are so wary. Get all the
latest tips for Trout fishing.
Walleye   WALLEYE Look into the
world of these toothy critters
and discover the secrets to
great Walleye fishing.
Crappie   CRAPPIE Learn tips for
locating these schooling fish
and the proper baits and tactics
to improve your Crappie fishing.
Catfish   CATFISH Take a look into
the world of this scavenger to
see where they hide and learn
the tricks for fishing for Catfish.
  SALMON Atlantic, Coho, Chum, Chinook, Pink & Sockeye Salmon. Learn the how-tos for great Salmon fishing.
  STEELHEAD Steelhead are one of the most elusive species of fish alive. Learn all about Steelhead fishing.
  STRIPED BASS Stripers grow to over 60 pounds and can put up quite a fight. Learn all about Striper fishing.
Sunfish   PANFISH Bluegill, sunfish,
redears, perch and many others are known as panfish. Learn
the how-to's for fun fishing.

The Wonder of Fishing

Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought fish as a food source. To most, catching fish was simply a means to an end. To some, the pursuit was the awakening of an instinct that drew them to the water in search of the thrill of the "tap, tap" - something only a true fisherman really understands. This website is dedicated to those kindred spirits who have an inborn desire for fishing and seek knowledge about the science and sport of fishing.

Locating Information

The information in this site is organized by subject, state or species. From this home page you can access a general fishing overview all major categories of information. Access specific species information at the top of this column. Locate information by subject using the upper portion of navigation in the first column on the left. Access the home page for each state in the lower section of the first column on the left. The fishing videos section offers a selection of topics with videos on all types of fishing information. We offer an excellent bass fishing book for sale sharing years of experience to new and experienced bass anglers.

The third column from the left will include tips, photos and connections to articles specifically related to the page subject.

The far right column is reserved for sponsors and advertisers offering connections to fishing related resources.

The home page for each state offers links to state-specific information both by subject and by species in the first column on the left. The second column from the left lists the major fishing waters located in the state as well as connections to other information relevant specifically to fishing in that state.

Topic specific pages within a given state will offer connections to other state pages offering similar information on the subject. If you visit the Arizona bass fishing page page, it will contain links to all other Arizona pages. Same for all states.

The cost of traveling to your favorite lake has become an issue to consider when planning a fishing trip. Visit the camping section for information about camping in your area nearby fishing waters. Finding closer fishing holes is a way to keep the trip costs to a minimum. For those fortunate enough to have a motorhome or RV, it can eliminate the cost of sleeping accommodations.

Fishing lures, fish finders and GPS navigation information is available through the left navigation on the main menu pages. Find information about taking kids fishing and local urban lakes by state.

There are ten major lakes in Mexico commonly fished by Americans in the central and northern regions of Mexico. If you have an interest in Bass fishing in Mexico, please visit the information we are gathering on Agua Milpa, Angostura, Baccarac, Comedero, El Cuchillo, El Salto, Guerrero, Huites, Mateos, Novillo and Obregon Lake (lake Oviachic).

This site is intended to be the collective works of many anglers who wish to share their fishing knowledge. If you would like to contribute, see the lower section of each state home page for information on how to submit.

This site is available in a format designed for mobile devices. Click here to view the mobile version.

Visit our sister sites with information about camping or boats and boating information in all fifty states.

Also visit Rocky Point Mexico for deep sea fishing in this quaint vacation paradise on the Sea of Cortez.



Knowledge Center


The Knowledge center will comprise the work of many anglers who wish to share their knowledge and fishing experiences with others. If you would like to participate, we welcome your input.

This section will include tips, techniques and secrets for all aspects of fishing. Share your recommendations for tackle, line, rods and reels, boats or any subject that will help others become better at fishing.

Learn techniques for fishing a new lake.

If you belong to a fishing club or organization we would like to list it for the benefit of our visitors. We also list fishing guide services and other fishing related businesses throughout the site.

Visit our Contact Us page for a listing of the proper forms for submitting your materials.

Best fishing to you!

Enjoy the fishing, share the knowledge and protect our fisheries.

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