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If you’re planning a fishing trip to Hawaii, you have some excellent choices for lakes and streams throughout the state including Wilson Lake - aka Wahiawa Reservoir, Ku Tree Reservoir, Lualaulei Reservoir, Nu‘uanu Reservoir No. 4, Alexander Reservoir, Halenanahu Reservoir, Papuaa Reservoir, Wailua Reservoir, Waita Reservoir, Halalii Lake, Halulu Lake, Nonopapa Lake and others. Many of the lakes in Hawaii have camping facilities as well as other accommodations nearby.

Hawaii is well known for excellent bass, peacock bass and catfish fishing. Additionally, in waters around the state you’ll find populations of Tilapia in some waters.


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Reading Fishing Reports

When reading fishing reports the most useful information is likely to be the sum total of all reports over the last couple weeks, rather than the specifics of the most current fishing report. So finding that the fish have been caught shallow over the last few weeks is more important to know than the exact lure mentioned in the latest report.

Hawaii fishing reports for lakes, rivers and streams.

Often archived Hawaii fishing reports, from prior years, can help you identify seasonal patterns for a specific lake. Review the prior reports to find consistent information for summer months of June, July and August...the fall months of September and October...the winter months of November, December, January and February. Pay special attention to the spring (March, April and May) fishing reports from prior years as they should provide information to help you predict the approximate time for the spawn.

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