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By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Fishing publications offer a wealth of information about the sport of fishing. There are magazines which cover fishing in general, focus on particular species and some which focus on particular geographic areas or states. If you want to improve your fishing skills, this is a vast universe of information.

Listed find magazines with wide spread appeal and fishing publications that are state specific. Also see the bass fishing book offered by the author of this website.

National Fishing Magazines

Respoolin' Magazine

Official site of Respoolin' Magazine, a publication of Don Berry Pro Fishing, LLC. This is also a highway to other productions of Don Berry Pro Fishing, LLC such as Don Berry's Fishin' Radio Show and Ozark Mountain Team Trail.

Kype Fishing Magazine

Steelhead Salmon and Trout Fishing Social Community built for fishermen all over the world. A nationally distributed fishing magazine and DVD's focusing on the best salmon, steelhead and trout fishing on the planet. Be sure to join the community and become part of Kype Nation!