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Walleye Lures

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Best lures for catching big walleye.

Walleye lures tend to run small by comparison to bass lures because walleye have smaller mouths. They tend to feed on the same diet as bass but prefer smaller portions and typically prefer slower moving targets. Click here to learn more about the walleye fishing.

Small jigs and worms are the most preferred lures by avid walleye fishermen. Natural crawfish imitations in small sizes are ideal for walleye. Trolling at slow speeds with divers, flashers, spinnerbaits and other hard-bodied lures can also be effective.


Plastic Worms





This section is currently being developed. Return again soon for additional information about choosing the best lures for catching walleye in your local waters.

Local waters for catching walleye.

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Find the bait that matches the mood of the walleye.

Lure size, action, color, amount of flash, vibration and noise are all factors that impact a walleye's decision to bite or not. It may take some experimenting, and fine tuning, but once you get the right lure and presentation you could be in for some action. Test until you see what the walleye want - figuring it out can make or break your day.

Lures for catching more, and bigger, walleye.