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Bass Fishing Book

An 80-page bass fishing book that tells where bass are located throughout the season and outlines their daily movements. Download the PDF version now.

The best gift for bass fishing enthusiasts.

Learn why the pros consistently catch bass while most bass anglers often struggle. Learn where to find bass every time you go to the lake. Improve the quantity and quality of your catch.

It's not WHAT you throw, it's WHERE you throw it

That's the message of the book. Bass are easy to catch once you find them, but most anglers have a difficult time locating bass. This book focuses on where to find bass. Once you know where they are located we offer proven techniques for catching them. Additionally we offer precise recommendations for dealing with weather variables like wind, fronts, cold spells, bright sunny days and more.

Bass Fishing Book
Bass book.

You can download your copy right now and instantly begin learning the most important secrets about bass fishing, ever published.

Download your 8 1/2" x 11" PDF version immediately!

In print this book will retail for $29.95. We are offering advance copies of the book as a PDF, for immediate download, at only $9.95 - that's a $20.00 savings.

Do you ever wonder why the pros, when interviewed, talk about WHAT they threw to catch bass? They do so to avoid talking about the details of WHERE they worked the bait. For some, they talk about the WHAT because their sponsors pay them to.

Our tournament days are over. We don't have to keep secrets about where and how we found the fish. We no longer have lure sponsors to keep happy. We would appreciate the opportunity to share what we have learned over decades of bass fishing in all kinds of water.

The title of this book is "Bass Fishing - It's not WHAT you throw, it's WHERE you throw it". You'll be surprised to find that you have been within casting distance of schools of bass while you couldn't buy a bite. Find out why, so you can avoid it next time you are bass fishing.

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About the authors

Dan Westfall Professional Bass Fisherman
Dan Westfall.

Dan Westfall is a professional angler, lure inventor, lure manufacturer, fishing guide, tournament fisherman and Bassmaster Classic qualifier.

Rick Seaman Dan Westfall Professional Bass Fisherman
Rick Seaman.

Rick Seaman is a professional bass fisherman who has won numerous bass tournaments throughout the Southwest.

Together Dan and Rick have over eight decades of bass fishing experience.

If you want to learn how to find bass, this bass fishing book offers simple approaches for you to apply and find bass on your local water. These principles also apply to waters you are fishing for the first time.

The reason we decided to write this book is to offer anglers the insight we wish someone had shared with us when we first started bass fishing.

There are many bass fishing books on the market touting virtually every technique, lure, color, approach, tip, idea, and what have you. Each offers some very good information about bass fishing. Most offer a lot of filler to make the book look bigger on the shelf.

We decided to keep this book simple, direct and to the point - describing what the bass are doing at various times of the year. Understanding what they are doing makes it so much easier to figure out where they're doing it. We also list the best methods and lures to use at each of the seasons defined in the book.

We released this bass fishing book online so it can be downloaded for only $9.95.

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Here is the Table of Contents for the book:

The Appeal of Bass Fishing
About The Authors
Overview – Bass
Typical Waters That Have Bass Populations
Life Cycle Of A Bass
Seasonal Activities – Bass Migration
Seasonal Activities – Mid to Late Winter
Seasonal Activities – Spring
Seasonal Activities – Early Summer
Seasonal Activities – Late Summer
Seasonal Activities – Fall
Seasonal Activities – Early Winter
About Fishing For Bass
It’s Not What You Throw, It’s Where You Throw It
Fishing For Bass – Types of Lakes
Fishing For Bass – Do Research Before You Go
Fishing For Bass – Fishing Maps
Fishing For Bass – Types of Bottom
Fishing For Bass – Types of Cover
Fishing For Bass – Grass Beds
Fishing For Bass – Moss
Fishing For Bass – Timber & Heavy Wood
Fishing For Bass – Brush & Thick Vegetation
Fishing For Bass – Establishing Patterns
Fishing For Bass – Learn To Recognize Bites
Fishing For Bass – Lunar Tables
Fishing For Bass – Choose The Right Lures
Find Bass Based on Conditions
Fishing Conditions – Cold Fronts
Fishing Conditions – Wind
Fishing Conditions – Clouds
Fishing Conditions – Rain
Fishing Conditions – Water Clarity
Fishing Conditions – Rising Water
Fishing Conditions – Falling Water
Fishing Conditions – Night Fishing
Equipment & Tackle
Equipment & Tackle – Rods
Equipment & Tackle – Reels
Equipment & Tackle – Fishing Line
Equipment & Tackle – Lures
Live Bait
Shallow Water Techniques 0 to 10’
Shallow Fishing – Spinnerbaits
Shallow Fishing – Crankbaits
Shallow Fishing – Top Water
Shallow Fishing – Pitching & Flipping
Shallow Fishing – Artificial Worms
Shallow Fishing – Jigs
Shallow Fishing – Flukes
Shallow Fishing – Senkos & Stick Worms
Shallow Fishing – Swim Baits
Fishing Mid–Range Depths 10’ to 25’
Mid Depth – Spinnerbaits
Mid Depth – Deep Crankbaits
Mid Depth – Artificial Worms
Mid Depth – Jigs
Mid Depth – Swim Baits
Fishing Structure In Deep Water
Fishing Deep – Jigs
Fishing Deep – Jigging Spoons
Fishing Deep – Artificial Worms
Planning Your Attack
Conservation – Protect The Fishery

Bass fishing lakes, by state.

Fishing Boat Rentals
Buy the Bass Book for immediate download.

Buy your copy of the bass fishing book now!

The ultimate book about how to find and catch more bass every time you go fishing.

Learn to find bass

Become a better bass angler for less than the price of a couple lures!

Subjects covered in the book include:

  • The life cycle of bass.
  • Seasonal migrations.
  • Daily movements.
  • How to find bass.
  • Cover variations.
  • Shallow fishing.
  • Mid-depth fishing.
  • Deep structure fishing.
  • Proper bass tackle.
  • Proper lure presentation.
  • What line to use.
  • Effects of weather.
  • Water conditions.
  • And much more.
A bass book about how to find bass.