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Boat Battery Charging Systems

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For anglers who rely on an electric trolling motor to maneuver the boat while fishing, well charged trolling motor batteries are a must. All boat operators rely heavily on the main boat battery for engine starting, lights, pumps and accessories. Maintaining well charged batteries is a constant concern.

The main battery is charged by the charging system on the motor, but should be checked periodically. Trolling motor batteries are generally charged while the boat is off the water, and the charge is consumed with use while on the water.

There are several options for charging batteries:

Conventional battery chargers allow you to attach cables to the battery, plug in the charger, and either fast charge or trickle charge the batteries.

On-board charging systems are pre-wired to the boat batteries and simply require that they be plugged into a 110-volt outlet. These systems typically charge the battery and perform a maintenance function to extend battery life. This system id highly recommended if you spend multiple days on the water and need to charge overnight.

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Charge batteries while boating.

On-the-run batteries, like the Bass Maxx II offered by Wells Marine Technology, provide a distribution of the boat motors' charging to all batteries on the boat. With enough running time during the day, it can eliminate the need for charging overnight.

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