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Joining a fishing organization can add a whole new dimension to your fishing experience. Most offer opportunities to learn about fishing as well as get-togethers centered around fishing. You can learn as well as contribute by sharing your fishing knowledge and experiences with other members.

Bass fishing organizations like BASS have a network of local bass clubs. These clubs hold tournaments and activities throughout the year and may compete for national events as well.

Youth fishing clubs offer programs allowing youth to participate in events against kids their own age. Let's help youth get hooked on fishing.

National Fishing Organizations

BASS - Bass Anglers Sportsman Society.

Offers national fishing tournaments for professional anglers as well as local chapter bass clubs which offer tournaments for anglers on local lakes.

Professional Catfishing Association

Jim Hamilton - 877-711-4726 -
Online Catfishing E-magazine of the Professional Catfishing Association. Monster catfish photos, exciting articles, prizes, and movies, as well as tips on bait, rigs, and techniques to help you catch huge channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish.

Take A Kid Fishing Foundation

A non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged youth and children with special needs.

Fishing Tournament Organizations

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