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Guide To Tactics For Catching Big Muskie

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Musky & Tiger Muskie

By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

All about fishing for muskellunge, more commonly referred to as muskie. These are the big boys of the pike family and can put up a tremendous fight. They are eating machines and will devour anything they can catch. Tiger muskie are a hybrid of muskellunge and northern pike. Most muskie anglers practice catch and release. Click the 'STATES' button above to find muskie lakes by state.

Catching muskie.

This video is about the basics of fishing big muskie. Visit often as we are continually adding new videos to help you catch more muskie.

Heavy duty, rods, reels, line, leaders and lures are in order when muskie fishing. Level wind reels with 50# to 80# braid, on a 7' heavy action rod is a good place to start. At any time you could hook a monster, so being prepared is advised. This is not finesse fishing, so bring out the big baits. You can see a list of top producing muskie lures here. Live bait (where legal) and cut bait are also good options to consider.

The Fun of Topwater, River Muskie Fishing

Watch a ferocious topwater attack by a nice muskie and the ensuing battle to land this powerful fish.

Dawn and dusk are often the most active hours of the day. Spring and Fall are top seasons for musky. Summer, in colder climates, can also produce good catches. Most muskie waters freeze over in winter, some of which are legal for catching muskie through the ice.

Muskie - Muskellunge

Esox masquinongy


The largest of the pike family, they are found in about half the states. Ideal water temperature: 55° to 70°

World record: 69 pounds, 9 ounces

Weeds and vegetation are the best place to locate musky. In waters without weeds, look for rocky banks nearby deeper water. Use big lures in the 5 to 10 inch length. Bright colors and noisy or vibrating lures can draw muskie from some distance. Trolling deep diving crankbaits can often be the ticket, especially if the fish are hanging outside the weedy areas in deeper water.

Sharp teeth, gill plates and fins can cause a lot of pain. Use a good net and pliers when landing these big guys.

John Dettloff in Hayward WI Muskie Fishing Video.

Learn tips and tricks for muskie fishing including lures and techniques for hooking and landing big musky.


Fishing for muskie and/or tiger musky, by state.

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