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Jig Skipping on Steroids
By Josh Dorr
Years ago when I was first learning the ropes of tournament fishing, I fished as a co-angler and drew a gentleman that spent the day skipping docks...

Clear Water, High Pressure Lakes, Jigs = Big Bass!
By Josh Dorr
...In spite of all the true rumors about so many local tournaments being won on a jig, you still see many anglers coming in shaking their heads wondering why they only caught...

Winter Bass Fishing At Apache Lake
By Author Unknown
Passing either Roosevelt to the north or Canyon to the south, makes going the extra...

Bass Tactics For Delaware's Lums Pond
By Steve vonBrandt
Lums Pond, located just off Rt. # 71, in Kirkwood Delaware, is a 190 acre state...

Noxontown Lake For Bass
By Steve vonBrandt
Noxontown Lake is located in Middletown, Delaware, right by St. Andrews Prep School, just minutes from...

Nanticoke River Hotspots
By Steve vonBrandt
The Nanticoke River is located in both Delaware and Maryland, and runs through several small towns...

Big Spotted Bass On Swimbaits
By Dale Meddock
Not every state has Spotted Bass, but for those that do. Here is real tip to help you find and catch some of these most aggressive feeders...

Spring Largemouth Fishing on the Front Range.
By Josh Hinchberger
If you are fishing for largemouth bass on the front range during spring I have a few tips...

Tippy Pond Smallies
By L.T. Miller
I had just got done setting up my pop-up camper at the local campground and wanted nothing more than...


Lake Wilson - Hawaii's Best Kept Secret
By Stan Wright
Wahiawa's Peacock Bass, the best kept secret of freshwater fishing....

Peacock Bass at Lake Wilson
By Stan Wright
Heavy rains raised the level of Lake Wilson by 12 feet, and dropped the water temperature...


Tactics For Monster Chain Pickerel
By Steve vonBrandt
Chain Pickerel - Esox Niger. A formidable game fish, that are actively pursued by some, and despised by others...


Catfish Fishing in Colorado
By John Mccroskey
Catfishing in Colorado can be done day or night. You have to watch the weather and where most people...

Spring Into Big Cat's
By Ernest Miller
Spring is the time of year when so many things begin to show promise. As flowers spring up and the sun begins to show...


Native Colorado Cutthroat Trout Fishing
By Gary Cudmore
I practice catch and release and find the Cutthroat trout to be a beautiful...

Trout Fishing in Walleye Country
By Doug Harthan
Here in north-central Minnesota when the subject of fishing comes up it usually centers on...

Fishing The Contoocook River
By Jim Robinson
The Contoocook river runs from Contoocook Lake near the Massachusetts border north to the...


Arizona's Top Walleye
By Gregg Munck
I’ve never met a fisherman who was superstitious. But if you were to ever run into one, they have some interesting...

Iowa River Eyes
By Timothy L. Anderson
Fishing for Walleye on the Iowa River can be an adventure. The prime fishing on the Iowa River is...


Ice Fishing Basics
By Steve Holt
...While angling on the ice you want to utilize baits and fishing hooks which are smaller sized. The live bait can include minnows or worms or larvae...