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Jig Skipping on Steroids
By Josh Dorr
Years ago when I was first learning the ropes of tournament fishing, I fished as a co-angler and drew a gentleman that spent the day skipping docks...

Clear Water, High Pressure Lakes, Jigs = Big Bass!
By Josh Dorr
...In spite of all the true rumors about so many local tournaments being won on a jig, you still see many anglers coming in shaking their heads wondering why they only caught...

Fish To Your Strengths
By Dale Meddock the face of adversity, pitted bravado against experience and, above all, proved that swimbaits are the hottest bait out West...

Big Spotted Bass On Swimbaits
By Dale Meddock
Not every state has Spotted Bass, but for those that do. Here is real tip to help you find and catch some of these most aggressive feeders...

Giant Bass Hunting
By Dale Meddock
...Bass Fisherman from all over the world are seeking knowledge about how they to can catch giant bass. We have that answer...

Tactics for Swimbaits
By Dale Meddock
...springtime is a great time of year to really get your feet wet. Bass are getting ready for the spawn and many are staging in different places in your local waters at this time of year...

The Evolution of Swimbaits
By Dale Meddock
...First off, I would like to say some of those swimbaits costing hundreds of dollars are real beauties and well worth the expense...

The Life of a Largemouth Bass
By Chris Bowser
The largemouth bass are extremely curious and this results in a good many getting hooked early in life. But they soon become wary...

Winning Tournament Tactics
By Steve vonBrandt
...Planning, practice, and confidence are the keys factors that helped us win local, state, club, and regional tournaments consistently...

Jig Fishing Tips & Techniques
By Steve VonBrandt
...when you are looking for the biggest bite of the day, the fish that consistently win tournaments; then anglers in the know go to the bait that has been proven over time to catch the biggest bass...

Swimbait Fishing Tips & Techniques
By Steve VonBrandt
...Fished as a swimbait, these lures have a life-like, fleeing action that will trigger the natural predatory instincts of big trophy bass...

Spider Grub Techniques
By Steve vonBrandt
...If you apply some new tactics with these spider grubs, you can be more productive in your recreational and tournament fishing alike...

The Ultimate River Smallmouth Lure
By Sam Rorrer
...This is the most versatile, most fish catching lure I have ever used in my life. Bar none...


Comfort Baits For Sunfish
By Mike Dial
As spring rolls in so do pan fish such as Bluegill, Crappie and Rock Bass. These fish will move out of their wintering holes and into shallower water...

Drift Fishing For Crappie
By Mark Fleagle
...The Hardest part about catching crappie while drift fishing is locating the schools...

Spinnerbaits Take BIG Crappie
By Jim Comer
...But if you're innovative and experimental, if you like to try new tackle and tactics that produce big slabs, allow me to suggest you try spinnerbaits for crappie...


How To Catch More Trout
By John Schips
An article about trout fishing basics offering tips and techniques for catching more trout...

Steelhead Fishing Lake Ontario Tributaries
By Shane Thomas
Steelheads are really just sea-run rainbow trout, that are said to be rainbow trout on steroids...


Ice Fishing Basics
By Steve Holt
...While angling on the ice you want to utilize baits and fishing hooks which are smaller sized. The live bait can include minnows or worms or larvae...

Grandpa’s Lessons On Night Fishing
By Adam D. Kimbrough
...Concerned that my 70 yr old Grandpa was losing it yet, too polite to argue, we went ahead and started loading up our fishing gear in the...

Fishing With The Wind
By Gregg Munck
...You have to be smarter than the fish." The fish make adjustments when the wind starts to blow, and you must also make a few changes if you want to catch them...

Monster Fish Love Jerkbaits
By Gregg Munck
When you’re searching for larger than average size fish, increase your odds by using the correct tools. Jerkbaits are an extremely versatile lure...

Lure Care
By Keith Lee
...Making fishing lures may be easy for the seasoned do-it-yourself angler. But the maintenance of these lures is just as important...

Vertical Jigging
By Gregg Munck
...At times the fish will spread out along the structure, and often they will hold right on the edge where the bottom composition changes...

Fighting Fish " No Matter What!"
By Timothy Kusherets
...I had been having some pretty good luck, but knew the big boys were always in the deep water...

The HUGE BITE Is At Night
By Gregg Munck
If you are looking for an exciting and truly memorable fishing adventure that you won’t soon forget, I would suggest that you schedule a fishing trip under the cover of darkness...

Catch & Release
By Davin Brandt
Catch & release is effective and easy fish conservation. Whatever species you pursue, releasing your catch to fight another day ensures not only the survival...


Fish Finders - How They Work
By Andrei Loskoutov
...A Fish Finder is a subset of a group of instruments called sonars. Sonars consists of a transmitter, transducer, receiver and display...

Boat Anchors
By Andrei Loskoutov
...Modern designs and state-of-the-art engineering have made anchors not only better, but lighter...


Battling Cougars in the Dead of Night
By Timothy Kusherets
...What seemed like an eternity was probably only two minutes when the first one scrambled out and away in the direction of the river...