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All About Pond Fishing

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Ponds come in all sizes but are generally small bodies of water, often man made. They may be a catch area for rain water, or a collection area for a small creek or spring. Many ponds are located on private property and require permission of the pond owner to fish there.

Sunfish, crappie, bass, catfish and trout are the most common fish found in ponds. Some are native to the waters feeding into the pond. Others are stocked by the pond owner.

Ponds are a great place to introduce youngsters to fishing. If the pond has a good population of sunfish, most anyone with a little patience can experience the thrill of catching a fish.

Fish in ponds live their life very much as they would if they were in a lake. Their primary interest is feeding. At the same time, security is a major concern. They will find places to hide which gives them security and also allows them the opportunity to ambush food.

Because ponds are generally shallow, the fish will often locate in the deepest water as a safe haven where they spend the majority of their time. If there is any structure in a pond, it will attract fish. Creek channels, road beds, weeds, grass, brush, rocks or timber are prime places to find fish in a pond.

If the pond is unusually big, treat it as you would any lake. See information about lake fishing to help plan a strategy for fishing larger ponds.

Live bait is a tried and true standby for most species which make their home in a pond. Night crawlers will catch almost anything that swims. If bass or crappie reside in the pond, you can't go wrong with minnows or other small bait fish. Light tackle is ideal for fishing in most ponds. If larger bass or catfish reside in the pond, heavier tackle may be required.

Find information about other fishing in local waters.

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Practice catch and release in ponds.

Ponds often have difficulty maintaining a healthy population of fish. By practicing catch and release, you can help the fish to grow and multiply for future catching. Other ponds can get over grown with sunfish. You can improve the quality of the fishery by removing any of these fish you catch. Check with the pond owner for guidance.

Find a pond and take a kid fishing soon!

All About Fishing Ponds.