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Streams and rivers have one common influence on the fish that reside in them. Current. It is the current that fulfills every need of the fish. Food and oxygen is flowing in the current and the rippling effect of the current helps the fish hide from predators above the water.

The most important thing to understand about current is that fish avoid the direct force of the strongest currents and spend most of their time in back waters or behind boulders to rest in less current. When fish are on a feed they will move about to most any area necessary to acquire food. The remainder of the time, they will find a comfortable place to rest, yet will still eat if food drifts by in a way that is easy for them to grab.

A wide variety of fish live in rivers and streams. Sunfish, bass, crappie, trout, salmon, catfish and many other species can reside in flowing water. Food sources for each species vary from small insects, to crustaceans, to bait fish, small fish, frogs and virtually any other living thing in the water.

Streams, creeks and rivers provide excellent fly-fishing opportunities. Other styles of fishing streams include spin casting with a variety of spinners and small lures. Live bait is often used and varies with the species you are targeting.

A major key to fishing any flowing water is to cast upstream and allow your offering to drift downstream in the current. Direct your casts beyond potential hiding spots allowing the bait to drift through the target zone.

One of the joys of stream fishing is that you get to explore new country as you traverse upstream. Often you will see wildlife that depend on the water in the stream for life support. And it is most often a quiet time with nature allowing you to connect with fish in a unique way.

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Grab a fly rod or spin tackle and go stream fishing.

So find a stream, creek or river and try your luck. Generally, you can identify the species found in most bodies of water through the Fish & Game Department or other departments charged with managing the fishery.

All About Fishing in Rivers, Creeks and Streams.