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Ice Fishing Lakes In Massachusetts

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Guide to favorite fish species at top ice fishing lakes in the state.

By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Ice fishing

The best ice fishing lakes in MA include Cliff Pond, Fivemile Pond and Lake Onota. The most popular species through the ice, across the state, include largemouth bass, rainbow trout and yellow perch. The purpose of this page is to share basic information about the best ice fishing lakes in the state, plus the species found in each lake. See a list of lakes and species below.

Ice fishing is as basic as fishing gets. During winter, it is popular here in the state. Aside from the tools one uses to create a hole in the ice, all other gear is very basic. A simple rod, reel, line and hook or lure is all you need. Lures, live bait and prepared bait are options, depending on the fish species in the lake or pond.

Massachusetts offers exciting opportunities for ice fishing during the winter months when lakes and ponds freeze over. Anglers can target a variety of fish species through the ice, employing specialized techniques and equipment.

Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques Video

One of the popular fish species targeted in Massachusetts ice fishing is yellow perch. These tasty panfish can be found in many lakes and ponds throughout the state. Anglers typically use small jigs tipped with bait, such as live minnows or grubs, to entice perch under the ice. Perch tend to congregate near submerged structures or weed beds, making them easier to locate.

Another sought-after species for ice fishing in Massachusetts is black crappie. These panfish provide a fun and rewarding ice fishing experience. Similar to perch, crappie can be caught using small jigs or live bait. Anglers often focus their efforts around submerged trees, brush piles, or drop-offs where crappie tend to gather.

Trout is another popular species targeted through the ice in Massachusetts. Certain lakes and ponds are stocked with trout during the winter months, providing opportunities for ice anglers to catch these prized fish. Trout can be enticed using small jigs, spoons, or live bait such as mealworms or waxworms.

Ice fishing methods in Massachusetts typically involve setting up an ice fishing shelter or shanty to protect anglers from the cold and wind. Anglers drill holes in the ice using an auger and then use specialized ice fishing rods or tip-ups to suspend their baits at various depths. Tip-ups are popular for targeting larger species such as pike or bass, as they allow the angler to suspend bait and detect when a fish takes the bait.

Safety is of utmost importance when participating in ice fishing. It's crucial to ensure that the ice is thick enough to support the weight of anglers and their equipment. Ice thickness should be at least four inches for walking and even thicker for vehicles. Wearing proper winter clothing, including thermal layers and waterproof outerwear, is essential to stay warm and dry. It's also advisable to fish with a buddy and have safety equipment on hand, such as ice picks, a throw rope, and a life jacket.

Before heading out for ice fishing in Massachusetts, anglers should familiarize themselves with local regulations and obtain the necessary licenses. It's important to adhere to catch limits, size restrictions, and any specific rules for the water bodies being fished.

Ice fishing in Massachusetts provides a unique and thrilling angling experience during the winter months. With a variety of fish species to target, specialized equipment and techniques, and a focus on safety, ice fishing offers anglers a chance to enjoy the outdoors and reel in some impressive catches amidst the frozen landscapes of the state.

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Top Ice Fishing Lakes & Species

There are numerous places to go ice fishing in the state. Here are a list of some of the proven, best destinations.

Cliff Pond

Smallmouth bass Rainbow Trout Brook Trout Brown trout Yellow Perch Atlantic Salmon

Congamond Lake

Largemouth bass Black crappie Yellow Perch Chain pickerel

Fivemile Pond

Largemouth bass Rainbow Trout Brown trout Yellow Perch

Greenwater Pond

Brown trout

Lake Onota

Rainbow Trout Brook Trout Brown trout Atlantic Salmon Northern Pike

Lake Quinsigamond

Black crappie Brown trout Yellow Perch Chain pickerel

Lake Rohunta

Smallmouth bass Yellow Perch Chain pickerel

Pontoosuc Lake

Largemouth bass Black crappie Chain pickerel Northern Pike

Winnecunnet Pond

Black crappieBluegillYellow Perch Chain pickerel

Click the images for species details.

This is a great way to get the kids to go outdoors in winter, connect with nature and learn to fish. The first consideration when attempting to go ice fishing, is safety. Make sure the ice is safe, and that you are prepared should an accident occur. Dress to stay warm - it's better to remove extra jackets than be cold and miserable. Be aware that the ice can be slippery, and falls can be dangerous.

Click here for ice fishing basics, including details on finding the best place to fish, tips for cutting a hole, basic tackle, bait, lures, depths to fish, safety, shanty's, tents and huts.

Best ice fishing method for crappie, bluegill, perch and sunfish

Horizontal jigs and spoon-type baits are the go-to baits for crappie, either tipped with a minnow, wax worm or prepared baits often triggers more bites. Jigs work better close to the bottom, spoons tend to work better higher in the water column. If options allow, 15 to 30 feet is the most common depth. Adjust as necessary. See additional info on ice fishing for crappie, perch and sunfish.

Best ice fishing method for trout

Trout focus on small forage fish in winter, so baits that flash silver - jigs or spoons, do well in attracting trout. Dual rods, where legal, are very effective. One rod with a jig/live bait set up on a tip-up, the second with a spoon fished up and down pretty aggressively. See more detail about ice fishing for trout.

Best ice fishing method for bass

Bass are often found closer to the shoreline than schooling fish. Fish the same as other species, using a bit larger baits and slightly heavier line. Be prepared to battle using your drag if you hook a big one. Additional information about ice fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Best ice fishing method for pike and musky

Live bait, shiners and sunfish, are a great way to attract these big fellahs, assuming local law allows their use. Heavier line, steel leaders, bigger hooks and stronger tip-ups are in order. See more information on ice fishing for pike and musky.

Click here for a Massachusetts Fishing License.

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