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Best North Dakota Fishing Lakes

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Top places to fish for bass, catfish, crappie and more in ND.

Devils Lake, Lake Metigoshe, Lake Oahe, Lake Sakakawea, Red Willow Lake and Stump Lake are some of the most popular places for fishing in North Dakota, offering anglers the chance to pursue a variety of fish species.

  • Devils Lake
  • Lake Metigoshe
  • Lake Oahe
  • Lake Sakakawea
  • Stump Lake
Best Bass Lakes

Clear Lake, Lake Metigoshe, Lake Oahe, Lake Sakakawea and Stump Lake and The Missouri River are considered the best options for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. More...

Popular Catfish Lakes

Heart Butte Reservoir, Lake Oahe, Lake Sakakawea and most river systems in the state are favorite options for channel, blue, white and flathead catfish. More...

Top Crappie Lakes

Devils Lake and Lake Metigoshe are the most popular large lakes for black and white crappie. More...

Favorite Sunfish-Panfish Lakes

Devils Lake, Lake Metigoshe, Lake Sakakawea and Stump Lake are popular lakes to fish for bluegill, perch and other sunfish. More...

Best Walleye Lakes

Devils Lake, Jamestown Reservoir, Lake Metigoshe, Lake Oahe, Lake Sakakawea and Stump Lake are considered the top lakes for walleye fishing. More...

Popular Trout Lakes

Lake Oahe plus many rivers and streams across the state are favorite choices for rainbow, cutthroat, brown and lake trout. More...

Favorite Salmon Lakes

Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River are the most popular waters for chinook salmon fishing. More...

Visit the North Dakota fishing page for links to information covering a wide variety of fish species and local fishing choices in the state. Visit the North Dakota map to identify your best route to these top fishing locations. Look to our sister site for additional information about boating in ND at many of the most popular lakes in the state.

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