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Nevada Fishing Map

Interactive map plus a list of fishing lakes in NV.

Below the map is a list of major fishing lakes in Nevada.

Use the above map to locate these bodies of water and find the best fishing lakes in Nevada.

The state of Nevada has abundant fishing opportunities. Try your luck at some of these major Lakes and impoundments.

Lake Lahontan, aka Lahontan Reservoir is a 10,000-acre lake in the western part of the state at Silver Springs.

Lake Mead is a 160,000-acre lake on the eastern border of the state, at Henderson, NV.

Lake Mohave is a 28,800-acre lake on the arizona border in the far southeast corner of the state, at Laughlin, NV.

Lake Tahoe is a 123,000-acre lake on the western border of the state, at Glenbrook, NV.

Pyramid Lake is a 120,000-acre lake in the west-central part of the state, 4 miles north of Nixon, NV.

Ruby Lake is a 15,000-acre lake in the northeast part of the state, 5 miles south of Ruby Valley, NV.

Rye Patch Reservoir is a 11,000-acre lake in the northwest part of the state, 35 miles southwest of Winnemucca, NV.

Topaz Lake is a 1,200-acre lake on the southwest border of the state, 8 miles southwest of Wellington, NV.

Washoe Lake is a 5,800-acre lake in the west central part of the state, 5 miles north of Carson City, NV.

Wild Horse Reservoir is a 2,800-acre lake in the north-central part of the state, 12 miles south of Mountain City, NV.

Maps to find fishing lakes, by state.


Find major lakes and fishing waters in NV.

The purpose of this map is to help you locate major fishing waters in the state of Nevada, along with travel routes. If you have a favorite lake in NV which you would like to see added here, we would enjoy hearing from you. Contact us with details. If you offer a guide service on any of these lakes please visit our Nevada fishing guides page and consider adding your information.

Fishing map for Nevada.