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New York Fishing Map

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  • Allegheny Reservoir, NY
  • Black Lake, NY
  • Canandaigua Lake, NY
  • Cayuga Lake, NY
  • Cranberry Lake, NY
  • Chautauqua Lake, NY
  • Great Sacandaga Lake, NY
  • Keuka Lake, NY
  • Lake Champlain, NY
  • Lake George, NY
  • Oneida Lake, NY
  • Owasco Lake, NY
  • Saratoga Lake, NY
  • Seneca Lake, NY
  • Skaneateles Lake, NY
  • Upper Saranac Lake, NY

Interactive map plus a list of fishing lakes in NY.

Below the map is a list of major fishing lakes in New York.

Use the above map to locate these bodies of water and find the best fishing lakes in New York.

Allegheny Reservoir is a 12,000-acre lake on the southern border of the state.

Ashokan Reservoir is an 8,300-acre lake in southeast NY.

Black Lake is an 5,800-acre lake in the northwest part of NY.

Canandaigua Lake is a 10,700-acre lake in central NY.

Cannonsville Reservoir is a 4,800-acre lake in the south central part of the state.

Carry Falls Reservoir is a 3,200-acre lake in north-central NY.

Cayuga Lake is a 43,000-acre lake in central NY.

Chautauqua Lake is a 13,000-acre lake in southwest NY.

Conesus Lake is a 3,400-acre lake in west-central NY.

Cranberry Lake is a 7,000-acre lake in north-centralNY.

Great Sacandaga Lake is a 27,000-acre lake in the east-central part of the state.

Indian Lake is a 4,400-acre lake in east-central NY.

Keuka Lake is an 11,600-acre lake in west-central NY.

Lake Champlain is a 271,000-acre lake on the northeastern border of the state.

Lake George is a 28,000-acre lake in east-central NY.

Long Lake is a 3,900-acre lake in northeast NY.

Lows Lake is a 2,800-acre lake in north-central NY

Oneida Lake is a 51,000-acre lake in central NY.

Onondaga Lake is a 2,950-acre lake in central New York,.

Otsego Lake is a 4,200-acre lake in east-central NY.

Owasco Lake is a 6,600-acre lake in central NY.

Pepacton Reservoir is a 5,700-acre lake in south-central NY.

Piseco Lake is a 2,800-acre lake in east-central NY.

Raquette Lake is a 3,900-acre lake in northeast NY.

Saratoga Lake is a 3,800-acre lake in east-central NY.

Seneca Lake is a 43,000-acre lake in central NY.

Schroon Lake is a 4,100-acre lake in northeast NY.

Skaneateles Lake is an 8,900-acre lake in central NY.

Tupper Lake is a 4,000-acre lake in north-central NY.

Union Falls Pond is a 4,200-acre lake in northeast NY.

Upper Saranac Lake is a 4,700-acre lake in northeast NY.


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Find major lakes and fishing waters in NY.

The purpose of this map is to help you locate major fishing waters in the state of New York, along with travel routes. If you have a favorite lake in NY which you would like to see added here, we would enjoy hearing from you. Contact us with details. If you offer a guide service on any of these lakes please visit our New York fishing guides page and consider adding your information.

Fishing map for New York.