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Washington DC Fishing

All about fishing in District Of Columbia

Fishing The Potomac River

Fishing in the District of Columbia may be limited, but offers quality fishing. The Potomac River, its tributaries and Rock Creek make up all serious fishing. There are no lakes to speak of so all information posted herein will pertain to these fisheries.

Here, you can fish for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and bluegill in local waters.

Major Washington DC Waters

Washington DC major lakes and fish chart

Lake & Fish Chart

This chart shows the major fishing waters in Washington DC, cross referencing these waters with the major types of fishing to be found in each of the lakes or impoundments. For a more complete list of fish species in Washington DC, see the list below, which also includes state records.

Fishing lakes, sizes and locations in the state.

The Potomac River runs the western border of the district, top to bottom of the state. Tributaries run through the southeast corner of the district.

Rock Creek is located in the far-upper corner of the district.

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Washington DC Fishing

All About Fishing wishes you the very best with your fishing endeavors in the District of Columbia.

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Fish for big bass in Washington DC

Excellent largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing opportunities are available to anglers in DC.

Fish Species in Washington DC

Fishing for bass in Washington DC

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass

World record: 22 lbs 4 oz

DC State Record: N/A

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass

World record: 11 lbs 15 oz

DC State Record: N/A

Fishing for panfish in Washington DC



World record: 4 lbs 12 oz

DC State Record: N/A

By clicking on the images and links above, you will be taken to a page offering more information about the selected species.

Fishing information for each state.