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Fishing For Salmon In Nebraska

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Guide to fishing for chinook salmon in NE.

By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Nebraska is not typically known for salmon fishing as it is a landlocked state, and natural populations of salmon are not found in its waters. Salmon are primarily associated with coastal regions and the open ocean. However, Nebraska does offer opportunities for anglers to target salmon through stocking programs in certain lakes and reservoirs. The purpose of this page is to share basic information about salmon fishing and identify popular salmon waters in the state.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission occasionally stocks landlocked salmon, specifically the species known as kokanee salmon, in some of the state's water bodies. Kokanee salmon are a freshwater form of sockeye salmon that are adapted to living in landlocked environments. These stocked salmon provide anglers with a unique fishing experience and the opportunity to catch this prized game fish within the state.

Some of the lakes where kokanee salmon stocking has taken place in Nebraska include Lewis and Clark Lake, Calamus Reservoir, and Lake McConaughy. These lakes are periodically stocked with kokanee salmon to maintain populations and offer anglers the chance to target this challenging and highly sought-after species.

When targeting kokanee salmon, anglers often use downriggers, trolling techniques, and specialized tackle to reach the depths where these fish are located. Kokanee salmon are known for their vibrant coloration and can provide an exciting fight once hooked.

It's important to note that the availability of salmon fishing in Nebraska may vary depending on stocking schedules and fishery management decisions. Anglers interested in pursuing salmon fishing should stay updated with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's stocking programs and regulations to ensure they are aware of the most current opportunities and guidelines.

While salmon fishing may not be as prominent in Nebraska as in coastal regions, the stocked kokanee salmon provide a unique and exciting fishing experience for anglers looking to target this species within the state's lakes and reservoirs.

Salmon Lakes

Lake McConaughy and Lewis and Clark Lake are the two major lakes in Nebraska with quality salmon fishing.

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Fishing for salmon in Nebraska

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon

World record: 97 lbs 4 oz

State Record: 7 lbs 5 oz

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon

World record: 33 lbs 7 oz

State Record: 5 lbs 12 oz

Kokanee Salmon

Kokanee salmon

World record: 9 lbs 10 oz

State Record: 4 lbs 2 oz

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The state record chinook (king) salmon was caught in Lewis & Clark Lake.

The state record coho salmon was caught out of Lake McConaughy.

The state record kokanee salmon was caught out of Lake McConaughy.

Nebraska Salmon Fishing

The preferred method for catching salmon is fly fishing. Depending on the activity level, salmon may be caught on wet or dry flies, as well as a variety of other lures and baits.

About The Pacific Salmon Family

Pacific Salmon are born in and remain in freshwater streams for the early years of life. The number varies by species. Afterward they migrate to the Pacific Ocean waters where they bulk up and prepare for their once in a lifetime spawning run up the freshwater stream where they were born. They will instinctively return to their birthplace, spawn and die. They are found in the streams which empty into the ocean, and adjoining ocean waters.

The preferred method for catching salmon is fly fishing. Depending on the activity level, salmon may be caught on wet or dry flies. For more details check here for articles about fly fishing.

Salmon Organizations

Atlantic Salmon Federation

Atlantic Salmon Trust

Atlantic Salmon Museum

Pacific Salmon Commission

Pacific Salmon Foundation


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Learn the life cycle of salmon

The more you know about the life cycle and seasonal migration of salmon, the more likely you are to be looking in the right area next time you visit Nebraska salmon fishing waters. Visit the salmon fishing page for more information about the life cycle of the different species of salmon.

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