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Native Colorado Cutthroat Trout Fishing

By Gary Cudmore

I practice catch and release and find the Cutthroat trout to be a beautiful looking fish native to Colorado. I live at Copper Mountain Colorado and start many of my days with a 1-2 hour fishing session. I fish the Clinton Gulch reservoir about 10 minutes from Copper Mountain.

Cutthroat Trout
Colorado cutthroat trout.

The fish in the picture is 19", just 1" short of receiving a Master Angler certificate from Colorado DOW, the requirement is 20". Please enjoy the photo of a handsome male cutthroat that was released to be caught another day.

This reservoir is very cold and about 230 feet deep and does get heavy fishing pressure.Most fishermen either use bait or flies- I prefer lures and ultra light tackle for a couple of reasons. It is a more active style of fishing than still fishing with bait and with lures I can catch and release without harming the fish. I use a 3/8 ounce silver spoon, fairly big for the ultrahigh tackle but if you want to catch big fish you need to use a big lure.

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Article about fishing for cutthroat trout in Colorado.