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Fishing for catfish can produce some big thrills. They put up a good fight and many enjoy them on the dinner plate. This catfish fishing video is an example of the great fishing videos presented in this section of AA-Fishing.

Featured Catfish Fishing Videos

Muddy River Catfishing Biggest Catfish Of 2014

As an expert on fishing for catfish, Muddy River Catfishing presents highlights their fishing experiences during 2014. Visit their website for additional catfish fishing videos.

Santee Cooper Lake Flatheads

Flathead catfish fishing on Santee Cooper Lake produces some big cats. Watch as this 26 pound flathead is fought and landed.

Below this video, there's a complete listing of other catfish fishing videos you might enjoy. Visit often as we are continually adding new videos to help you catch more catfish. Also listed are videos for other fishing interest.

Catfish Fishing Videos

Select from this list of catfish fishing videos offering instruction, tips, techniques and ideas to help you catch more channel, flathead, blue and white catfish. Included also are some humorous catfish fishing videos just for the fun of it.

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