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All about fishing for sturgeon in Oregon.

Oregon has strict regulations on fishing for sturgeon. Visit the Oregon Department Of Fish And Wildlife for restrictions, details and to acquire the appropriate fishing licence and/or required permits.

Fishing for sturgeon in Oregon

Sturgeon is the common name used for as many as two dozen species in the family Acipenseridae. Their primitive appearance and giant size make them a mystery to most anglers. They are bottom feeders, which live in moving water, are most often caught on cut bait. They require heavy tackle - 80# or heavier line with 5/0 or larger (heavy duty) hooks, and enough weight to keep the bait on the bottom in heavy current.

In large aquariums divers hand feed sturgeon.

Many of the sturgeon you hook may be larger than you are. Divers have reported seeing sturgeon in the 30-foot range.

Use shrimp, smelt, shad or virtually any cut pieces of fish for bait. Sturgeon have a keen sense of smell, so adding scent can help attract them from some distance away, downstream.

Fishing for sturgeon in Oregon



Estimated world record: 1,100 lbs

OR State Record: Not applicable.

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Because of the requirements for heavy tackle, knowledge of the river systems, refined boating skills and experience with finding and landing sturgeon, it is highly recommended you hire a fishing guide that specializes in sturgeon.

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