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The Best Places To Fish in Pennsylvania

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Top places to fish for popular species in PA.

By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

The purpose of this page is to share basic information about the best fishing opportunities in the state, for a variety of fish species.

The Keystone state is known for its historical contributions in creating America. It is also a state with an amazing outdoors. Rivers, lakes, lush green forests and mountains all draw us to spend time with nature. Fishing is a big part of the outdoor activities in this beautiful state. A wide variety of warm, and cold-water species thrive throughout the state. There are over thirty popular fish species to choose from and hundreds of places to wet a line.

Pennsylvania offers an abundance of incredible fishing spots for bass enthusiasts. One of the top destinations is Lake Erie, known for its trophy-sized smallmouth bass. Anglers can enjoy the thrill of reeling in these hard-fighting fish while taking in the stunning views of the lake. Another popular location is the Susquehanna River, renowned for its excellent largemouth bass population. With its diverse habitats and ample cover, the Susquehanna River provides anglers with numerous opportunities to catch trophy-sized bass. Lake Wallenpaupack, nestled amidst the Pocono Mountains, is also a favorite spot for bass fishing in Pennsylvania. Its expansive waters and varied structure offer a fantastic fishing experience, especially for those targeting smallmouth bass. Additionally, the Raystown Lake, a sprawling reservoir, is known for its incredible largemouth bass fishery. With its clear waters and an abundance of structure, Raystown Lake is a haven for bass anglers seeking an unforgettable fishing adventure. Pennsylvania truly offers a wide range of exceptional bass fishing locations, catering to anglers of all skill levels and preferences.

Pennsylvania's Top-Five, Amazing Fishing Spots

Pick any one of the top lakes in the state and it will be a good choice to spend time on the water. Raystown Lake is a fertile lake with over a dozen sport fish including bass, trout, salmon, crappie, stripers, walleye and more. Blue Marsh Lake is a great lake for kayak fishing and sports a wide variety of species. Lake Ontelaunee only allows fishing from shore, but delivers nicely to those who make the effort. Lake Arthur is a warm-water fishery offering bass, catfish, crappie, stripers and more. Pymatuning Lake is the largest in the state with conventional fishing for bass crappie, walleye and yellow perch. Learn more...

Most Popular Fish Species In Pennsylvania

Several species of salmon grace only a few lakes and tributaries off the great lakes, but draw a great deal of interest from anglers. Walleye are found in most waters across the state and make excellent table fare. Crappie are state wide and fun to catch on light line. Catfish grow big in many waters here and draw a lot of attention. Largemouth and/or smallmouth bass can be found all the popular lakes in the state. Learn more...

Best Places To Fish For Salmon in Pennsylvania

Atlantic, Coho, Chinook and Pink Salmon are available to PA anglers, but in a limited number of waters. Lake Erie offers great salmon fishing, but Raystown Lake and Lake Wallenpaupack are the most popular. Learn more...

Top Walleye Fishing Lakes in Pennsylvania

Lake Erie has the numbers, but not as accessible to most PA anglers as Pymatuning Lake and Allegheny Reservoir. Most waters, lakes, rivers and streams have varying populations of walleye as well. Learn more...

Best Crappie Fishing Lakes in Pennsylvania

Kids, adults and old-timers all love to fish for crappie. And, 90% of the fishing lakes in PA have either black crappie, white crappie or both. These tasty fish are an ideal species for teaching kids to fish. Learn more...

Top Lakes To Fish For Catfish in Pennsylvania

Catfish thrive and grow big in both rivers and lakes. Reservoirs with rivers flowing into them give cats the ideal environment. Channel catfish are available in most PA waters. Flathead catfish also appear in many lakes in the state and can grow to monster sizes. Learn more...

Best Places To Go Bass Fishing Pennsylvania

Smallmouth and largemouth bass are a favorite of many anglers in the state and grow to healthy size. They also put up a good fight, pound for pound. Lake Wallenpaupack, Beltzville Lake and Shenango River Lake are just three of many excellent bass lakes in the state, including Lake Erie. Learn more...

Enjoy these top spots to go fishing in Pennsylvania

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Best places to go fishing in Pennsylvania.