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Largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, shoal, redeye and Kentucky bass are in lakes, rivers and streams across the country. This section of AA-Fishing is dedicated to posting interesting and informative videos about bass fishing including lures, tips, techniques, specific lake tips and more.

Featured Bass Fishing Videos

Drop Shot Fishing

This bass fishing video provides a good look into the technique of drop-shot fishing for bass. This technique allows you to fish a worm up off the bottom while keeping the weight connected to the bottom.

Below this video, there's a complete listing of other bass fishing videos you might enjoy. Visit often as we are continually adding new videos to help you catch more bass. Also listed are videos for other fishing interest.

Bass Fishing Videos

Select from this list of bass fishing videos offering instruction, tips, techniques and ideas to help you catch more largemouth, smallmouth and other bass. Included also are some humorous bass fishing videos just for the fun of it.

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