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Kids Fishing In Maryland

Ideas and locations to take kids fishing in MD.

Kids fishing

Fishing and the great outdoors offers kids an alternative to many influences they encounter in their busy lives today. A single fishing trip could be the turning point in a young life. We encourage you to invest the time in Maryland kids. The rewards are endless and it takes so little effort.

Places in Maryland to take kids fishing

Consider these small lakes, ponds, creeks and urban fishing locations as places to take a kid fishing in the Old Line State.

- Sandy Point State Park

- Broening Park
- Fort Armistead Park
- Fort Smallwood Park
- Herring Run Park
- Loch Raven Reservoir
- Reedbird Park
- Turner Station Park

Bel Air
- Rocks State Park
- Susquehanna State Park

- Little Seneca Lake

- St. Mary's Lake

- Centennial Lake
- Patapsco Valley Park

- Bladensburg Waterfront Park
- Lake Artemesia
- Piscataway Park

- Seneca Creek State Park
- Little Seneca Lake
- Monocacy River

- Saint Marys Lake

- Johnsons Pond
- Leonards Mill Park

- Landon C. Burns Park
- Liberty Reservoir
- Patapsco River Fishing
- Piney Run Reservoir
- Westminster Comm. Pond

White Plains
- Gilbert Run Park

Chris & Big Maryland Bass
Chris Baker

Maryland offers many opportunities for kids to fish and experience the thrill of the “tap-tap-tap”. Watch the eyes of a youth light up no matter how big or small their catch may be. You have the opportunity to experience it with them and share their joy.

Top 3 tips for taking kids fishing in MD

1. Make sure that the goal is to have fun. Catching fish is a bonus.

2. Keep it simple. Simple tackle, techniques and locations.

3. Keep the focus on the kids. Be a hero by helping them enjoy the day.

Click here for more tips and details for a successful kids day fishing.

Kids fishing photo

Kids, fishing and smiles naturally go together. Take a kid fishing and you just might change the course of their life. Then take pictures and send us one of them holding their prized catch. We will happily post it on our MD kids fishing photos page.

See tips, ideas and instructions for taking kids fishing.

Kids fishing locations and information, by state.


Help us identify other youth fishing spots in MD.

If you are aware of a great place to take kids fishing in your area, please let us know. We can add it to our list. Every kid that catches a fish there will appreciate the fact that you made the effort.

Ideas and locations to take kids fishing in Maryland.