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For the ultimate fishing experience, hire a professional guide. They know the fish and the fishery inside out and have determined the best techniques for catching fish at various times of the year. With the help of a guide, you may get the opportunity to catch the lunker of a lifetime. And, the day is a fishing lesson that will enhance your fishing skills for all future fishing trips.

Fishing guides typically furnish all gear, bait and tackle needed for the guide trip. Discuss food, drinks and clothing needs ahead of time. You will be amazed at how much you can learn in one day on the water with a professional fishing guide.

Along with the success you achieve on a guided trip, you can gain valuable knowledge from your guide. Information to use again and again over a lifetime of fishing. Many fishing guides specialize in specific states, lakes or in one or more species. Determine your goals and hire a fishing guide to enhance your fishing trip. Fly fishing, bass fishing, trout, salmon or other specialties.

Professional Fishing Guide Services

For your convenience, below is a listing of guides by state.

Find a fishing guide for your next outing, by state.